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From Dull to Dazzling
Category: Creative
Author: Karen Kallestad

Posted on Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Are you boring? Not you personally. But how about your product, your company or your brand? Like, say, razor blades. A blender. Airline safety demonstrations. They could be boring, but clever marketing takes them from dull to dazzling with campaigns that are exciting, entertaining and fun.

The Dollar Shave Club isn't just about razors. It's about the convenience of having them delivered to you on a monthly basis. Still seems rather boring, though. But... more

Ice Bucket Marketing Lessons
Category: General
Author: Karen Kallestad

Posted on Thursday, September 18, 2014
We're always up for a challenge, especially if it's for a good cause. So when Puklich Chevrolet nominated us for the Ice Bucket Challenge, we grabbed some buckets and went to the ice maker. Lynette, Chelle, Cory, Cindy, Meghann and Erin rose to the challenge and doused themselves outside our Bismarck office to raise money to help the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association toward its goal of creating a world without ALS. Of... more

It's not the drill bits. It's the holes.
Category: General
Author: Karen Kallestad

Posted on Tuesday, September 09, 2014
Your company makes drill bits. They're the best drill bits in the world. Your marketing talks about your special metal alloy, the innovative engineering of your exclusive design and your patented manufacturing process. But nobody is buying your drill bits, because they don't want drill bits. They want holes.

From The Marketing Imagination:

"[The marketing imagination] is represented by Charles Revson's famous distinction regarding the business of Revlon: 'In the factory we make... more


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