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You know your industry. But did you know that younger demographics aren't familiar with your product, or that sales have dropped because customers are confused by your new packaging? Did you know there's an untapped market for your product that you're not reaching with your current media strategy? Did you know that our research department is the largest private-sector research facility in the state?

Smart marketing strategies are based on solid research and insightful analysis of how the results can be used to achieve your goals. We offer a full range of research services, from telephone, mail and online surveys to focus groups, one-on-one interviews, mystery shoppers, product testing, opinion polling, customer satisfaction surveys and more. We have the best focus group facilities in North Dakota, in our Bismarck and Fargo offices. We give you the business intelligence you need to make marketing decisions with confidence. Let your competitors make decisions based on what they think they know. We'll help you make smart decisions based on what you know you know.

Market Research

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