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Bruner's Work Chosen for I Heart Logos

Posted on 2/5/2013

Work Horse
We love logos. So does I Heart Logos, a community of design professionals. We also love the fact that logos designed by Mike Bruner, our executive creative director, have placed in I Heart Logos' third season competition. "I Heart Logos is a great forum for people who design logos and love to see the work of other designers as well," says Mike. In the site's annual competition, logos are submitted by and judged by design pros from all around the world.

This logo for Jebro Joe was chosen for sixth place. "The ‘Jebro Joe' lettering is a hand-done typeface I used to give it a fresh-retro feel," says Mike. "Work Horse, which was chosen for fourth place, conveys a feeling of power with its industrial, mechanical look." Other logos designed by Mike have been chosen by I Heart Logos in previous years and have been included in their annual printed collection of award-winning logo design.

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