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Get smart about taking control of your website's content with SmartAdmin, our newly updated content management system. With SmartAdmin, it's easy to add, edit or delete text, photos, links and other content, all through a simple browser interface. Make text bold, italic, underlined, create bulleted lists, create tables, tag your content and more.

Some of the features of our new Smart Admin:
  • All in one pages. Navigating SmartAdmin is just like navigating your website, so it's easy to find the content you want to edit.
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor. Just select your text to apply the formatting you want:
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Underline
    • Superscript and subscript
    • Strike though
    • Bulleted list
    • Text alignment - left, center, right
  • Customize image sizes and borders
  • Copy and paste tables
  • Tagging system lets you categorize your content. You can tag any page, article, etc. with text tags. Users will then be able to view all of the content associated with a tag in a centralized location.
  • Add meta data and meta descriptions for each page to help with search engine optimization.
  • Enable people to leave comments on any page, making your site more interactive.
  • Track your site's traffic and performance with Google Analytics.
  • Create event calendars and custom online registration forms.
  • SmartMail lets you send unlimited amounts of HTML e-mails to your subscribers.
  • Create custom surveys.
  • Photo galleries display in Flash for smooth transitions.
  • Multiple design templates allow you to select different designs to customize sections of yours site.

For a demo or more information, e-mail Marv Dorner or call 701-222-8721. It's time to get smart about taking control of your website content.

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